Herman Benson Papers

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11.5 linear feet (24 MB), 3 portfolios

Correspondence, clippings, leaflets, and other files of Mr. Benson, a labor journalist who served as trade union editor of Labor Action and editor of Union Democracy in Action. The papers mainly concern intra-union disputes, particularly fights against corruption within union leadership, including the 1958-61 struggle in Local 88 of the Masters, Mates and Pilots, which led to the ouster and jailing of the International president; the 1949-50 factional dispute within the National Maritime Union; and activities of the Longshoremen, Seafarers' International and Sailors Union of the Pacific. Other topics covered are disputes within the International Association of Machinists; rank and file movements in the unions of the papermaking industry; and the 1960 split between the Air Line Pilots Association and the Air Line Stewards and Stewardesses. The Michigan Commonwealth Federation, a 1944 third party movement, is also covered. Among the correspondents are Barry Goldwater, A.J. Hayes, John Lind- say, George Meany, and Norman Thomas.

1944-1974, bulk 1950-1968
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