Clarence N. Sayen Papers

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30.5 linear feet (60.5 MB), 21 volumes

Part I: The papers of Clarence N. "Clancy" Sayen, who was president of the Air Line Pilots Association (1951-62) and of the International Federation of Air Line Pilots (1952-64), include materials such as correspondence, research studies, tape recordings, photos, books, and files on subjects including pension plans; insurance problems of pilots and stewardesses; airline strikes in the U.S. and other countries; flight engineer and "third man" problems; loyalty investigations; David Behncke (former Air Line Pilots Association president); employment agreements; national defense and the executive reserve; national emergency transportation planning; legal problems and arbitration; international aviation meetings; supersonic transport; safety studies; the Air Navigation Committee of ICAO; and other aviation subjects. Correspondents include Leverett Edwards, Nathan Feinsinger, Arthur Goldberg, Edgar F. Kaiser, John F. Kennedy, James Landis, George Meany, Newton Minow, Vassily Mishinkin, A.S. "Mike" Monroney, E.R. Quesaaa, W.J. Modgers, Kari Huppenthal, Sargent Shriver, Eugene C. Thompson, George Weaver, and W. Willard Wirtz.

Part II: Covers the years 1939-1951, largely consisting of notes and materials Sayen compiled while an undergraduate and graduate student, when he taught Geography classes during graduate school, as well as when he learned to fly and was trained to be a flight instructor.

Part III: Nearly all of this portion focuses on materials Sayen used to evaluate the ALPA retirement plan from 1947-1948.

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