ALPA Miami ALI MEC Records

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The records of the Airlift International (ALI) Master Executive Council (MEC) cover the last decade of ALI’s existence. The airline originated as Riddle Airlines and became Airlift in 1965, expanding in 1968 and buying out Slick Airways. The airline went into Chapter 11 in 1981 and reorganized but was plagued by problems for the rest of the decade. The pilots and management were at odds over collective bargaining and working agreements and the MEC spent much time negotiating contracts and attempting to enforce work rules. In 1986, the Airlift fleet was grounded by the FAA for noncompliance with noise regulations. All ALI pilots were furloughed, causing ALPA to take custodial leadership over the ALI MEC; the airline ceased domestic flights and only operated a short stint of flights in Asia in 1987. Airlift ceased operations completely in 1991.The ALPA Miami ALI MEC Records are made up of correspondence, Chapter 11 documents and litigation, negotiation documents and notes, letters of agreement, and agreements.

1981-1990, bulk 1981-1987
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