ALPA Publications: Air Line Pilot

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Air Line Pilot is ALPA's main publication and has been in continuous print since April 1932. The first volumes were published twice a month, and came in newspaper form, running about 4 pages each. ALPA soon began to produce Air Line Pilot monthly and steadily increased the page count, eventually publishing in the present magazine form in 1949. Air Line Pilot covers a variety of topics relevant to pilots such as news in the airline industry, ALPA structure and Association news, technical innovations and information, medical studies, contracts and organizing, and stories on airlines and individual pilots. Subjects include 85 Hour Rule, Age 60, ALPA Organizing, Air Mail, Ariel Hijacking, B Scale, Crew Complement, Deregulation, Eastern Airlines Strike, Northwest Airlines Strike, Southern Airways Strike, Steward and Stewardess Division, Terrorism, Trans World Airlines Strike, Wien Airlines Strike, and Wind Shear. The collection contains the complete run of issues from 1932-present. It also includes a bound volume from 1931 of various letters, organizational information, and other publications issued by first president David Behncke to keep ALPA members updated before production of Air Line Pilot commenced.

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