ALPA Governing Bodies: Executive Committee

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The Executive Committee (EXCO) was established in 1951 as part of the organizational restructuring of ALPA, with the first meeting occurring in 1953. The Committee worked with the president in a consultation role and was designed to execute policies made by the Board of Directors (BOD) and Executive Board (EXBD) as well as recommend policy to both bodies. In addition the Committee also determined the organizational structure of the home office, ratified staff members, and was a trustee for ALPA business and funds as well as scheduling BOD and EXBD meetings. The Committee consisted of President, Secretary, Treasurer and Regional Vice Presidents (later Executive Vice Presidents).
The Committee covered Association issues such as: Budget, Negotiations, Contracts and Mergers, Membership and Staff, Insurance and Retirement, Engineering and Air Safety, Public Relations, and Affiliations. In 1992 the Committee was abolished and replaced by the Executive Council. The records of the Executive Committee covers the period of 1953-1992 and include Agendas, Minutes, Transcripts, Reports and Correspondence.

1953-1992, bulk 1953-1992
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