Robert N. Rockwell Papers

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11.5 linear feet (21 MB, 1 SB)

A captain with Northwest Airlines, Mr. Rockwell has held many important positions in the Air Line Pilots Association (ALPA): central safety chairman of NWA; area safety chairman, Region HI; alternate of the Accident Investigation Committee; chairman of the Master Executive Council; member of the Local Executive Council I; and chairman of the Pilot Negotiating Committee. Official notices, newsletters, handwritten notes, legal dockets, correspondence, charts, and maps reflect his work on these committees. A large portion of the collection deals with contract negotiations, safety, and accident reports. Major correspondents are J.C. Christie, Robert A. Ebert, A.S. Monroney, Donald W. Nyrop, Charles H. Ruby, Clarence N. Sayen, and Henry Weiss.

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