UFW California Boycott Records

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The primary mission of the UFW California boycott offices was to alert the nation that farm laborers were looking for civil rights, as well as fairer wages. Cesar Chavez, president of the United Farm Workers Union believed that a non-violent boycott of grapes and lettuce would convey the message. The two main city offices were located in Los Angeles and San Francisco. These offices were primarily concerned with organizing letter-writing campaigns to growers, distributors (with special attention given to Safeway stores), and public officials. In addition, boycott organizers coordinated picketing campaigns against local stores for selling boycotted grapes and lettuce, and solicited support from local religious organizations, universities and labor unions.

The records of the California boycott offices mainly consist of coordinators’ files, leaflets, grape and lettuce reports, legal actions against pesticide usage, and correspondence from boycott support organizations. Also, files documenting the attempt to defeat a California farm labor initiative, Proposition 22, is also prevalent throughout the collection.

1965-1980, bulk 1967-1976
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