Migrant workers

Agricultural Workers History Collection Abstracts
Al Barnes Photograph Collection Abstracts
Ken Barger Papers Abstracts
David Burciaga Papers Abstracts
Marshall Ganz Papers Abstracts
Dolores Huerta Papers Abstracts
Larry Itliong Papers Abstracts
Michigan Farm Worker Ministry Coalition Photographs and Audio-Visual and Other Materials Abstracts
National Farm Worker Ministry Records Abstracts
National Farm Worker Ministry: Florida Office Records Abstracts
National Sharecroppers Fund Photographs Abstracts
Orange County Interfaith Committee to Aid the Farm Workers Records Abstracts
Mark Sharwood Papers Abstracts
Robert Thomas Papers Abstracts
UFW Administration Department Records Abstracts
UFW Arizona State Office Records Abstracts
UFW Boycott Central Records Abstracts
UFW Michigan Boycott Records Abstracts
UFW California Boycott Records Abstracts
UFW Canadian Boycott: Toronto Office Audio-Visual Collection Abstracts
UFW Canadian Boycott: Toronto Office Records Abstracts
UFW Central Administration Records Abstracts
UFW Florida Division Records Abstracts
UFW Illinois Boycott: Chicago Office Records Abstracts
UFW Information and Research Department Records Abstracts
UFW Massachusetts Boycott: Boston Office Records Abstracts
UFW Office of the President: Arturo Rodriguez Records Abstracts
UFW Office of the President: Cesar Chavez Records Abstracts
UFW Organizing Committee (UFWOC) Records Abstracts
UFW Pennsylvania Boycott: Pittsburgh Office Records Abstracts
UFW Public Relations: Jocelyn Sherman Records Abstracts
UFW Texas Records Abstracts
UFW Missouri Boycott Records Abstracts
Workers' Defense League Records Abstracts
Collection Spotlight: Robert F. Kennedy and the UFW Blog entry
(338) An open-air school for migrant farm worker's children Image
(26063) Riots, Rebellions, 1967 Image
(33915) UFW, Boycotts, Michigan, Demonstrations, 1960s Image
Podcast: Speak to the Earth and it Shall Teach Thee: Catholic Nuns, the United Farm Workers Movement, and the Rise of an Environmental Ethic, 1962-1978 Podcasts
[Podcast] Hidden in the Fields: Invisible Agricultural Child Labor in the American Southwest and the Limits of Citizenship Podcasts
[Podcast] Hillbilly Highway: Charting White Migration from Appalachia to the Industrial Midwest Podcasts
[Podcast] Latinx Encounters: How Mexicans, Mexican Americans, and Puerto Ricans Made the Modern Midwest Podcasts
[Podcast] Reading the Room: How César Chávez’s Early Life Prepared Him to Lead Podcasts
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