UFW Massachusetts Boycott: Boston Office Records

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The United Farm Workers Organizing Committee’s Boston Boycott Office (UFWOC) opened in 1967, one of several regional branch offices of the UFW formed to organize communities to participate in a consumer boycott of lettuce, grapes, wines, and other agricultural products. UFWOC was the predecessor name of the UFW. The primary activity of the office involved outreach efforts (mailing letters, hosting rallies and events) aimed at prominent members of the greater Boston area, including political leaders, church leaders, and business leaders, as well as college campuses and the general public, urging them to refrain from buying non-union products. Employees and volunteers also performed routine visits to grocery stores and other places where produce was sold to investigate whether or not they were carrying boycotted products. Additionally, the office was also responsible for the distribution of fliers, pamphlets, and posters in support of the boycott and to promote farm worker events and fundraisers.

The records of the Boston Boycott Office chronicle the activities of the office, which were primarily concerned with organizing the national consumer boycott of California table grapes and non-union lettuce. Materials found in this collection reflect the office’s goal to organize the greater Boston area to participate in larger nationwide boycotts against agricultural growers that employed non-union labor, ill gotten Teamster union representation or engaged in what the UFW deemed “unfair practices.” Targets of the UFW Boston Boycott Office include local grocery and liquor stores, political figures, local universities, religious organizations and churches, as well as the general public

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