Labor unions--organizing

AFSCME Communications Department Records Abstracts
AFSCME Office of the Secretary-Treasurer: Gordon Chapman/Joseph Ames Records Abstracts
AFSCME Office of the Secretary-Treasurer: Government and Civic Employees Organizing Committee Records Abstracts
AFSCME Program Development Department Records, Part 1 & 2 Abstracts
AFT Great Lakes Regional Office Records Abstracts
AFT Inventory Part II Records Abstracts
AFT Higher Education Department: Graduate Student Organizing Files Abstracts
Agricultural Workers History Collection Abstracts
Joe Brown Papers Abstracts
Raphael and Olga Brown Papers Abstracts
John Conyers Sr. Papers Abstracts
Irwin L. Deshetler Papers Abstracts
Ken Eckert Papers Abstracts
George C. Edwards, Jr. Papers, Parts 1-4 Abstracts
Florida Christian Migrant Ministry Records Abstracts
GI Underground Press Records Abstracts
Graduate Employees Union at Michigan State University Abstracts
Thomas A. Hendricks Papers Abstracts
Harley B. Hiscox Papers Abstracts
Industrial Workers of the World Records Abstracts
Henry Kraus Papers Abstracts
Livonia Education Association Collection Abstracts
Alan W. Mather Papers Abstracts
Stoyan Menton Papers Abstracts
Jewell Mills Papers Abstracts
Wyndham Mortimer Papers Abstracts
Office and Professional Employees International Union: Local 10 Records Abstracts
Victor and Bernice Pasche Papers Abstracts
Fred C. Pieper Papers Abstracts
Matilda Robbins Papers Abstracts
Gene Saari Papers Abstracts
Adair Damman Papers Abstracts
SEIU Education Department Records Abstracts
SEIU Executive Office: John Sweeney Records Abstracts
SEIU Executive Office: William McFetridge Records Abstracts
SEIU International Affairs Records Abstracts
SEIU Local 31-M Records Abstracts
SEIU Local 517M Records Abstracts
SEIU Local 535 Records Abstracts
SEIU Organizing Department Records Abstracts
SEIU Public Relations Records Abstracts
SEIU Publications Abstracts
SEIU Secretary-Treasurer's Office: Richard Cordtz Records Abstracts
Norman Smith Papers Abstracts
State Workers Organizing Committee Records Abstracts
Irma Mortimer Stewart Papers Abstracts
Beverly Takahashi Papers Abstracts
Muriel Tuteur Papers Abstracts
UAW Local 239 Records Abstracts
UAW Local 417 Records Abstracts
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