AFSCME Program Development Department Records, Part 1 & 2

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The AFSCME Program Development Department was created in January of 1973 to deal with matters such as health care, the deinstitutionalization of the mentally ill, employee protections, career development, and sex discrimination. It was funded by federal grant money until 1975 when the funds ran out, the department was disbanded, and its several functions were taken over by other AFSCME departments.

The records in Part I reflect the Department's concerns with women's issues, sex discrimination, the Coalition of Labor Union Women (CLUW), and other groups. Important figures represented are Linda Tarr-Whelan, deputy director, 1973-1975; her successor, Nancy Perlman; and International President Jerry Wurf. Important topics appearing in the records include affirmative action, Title VII of the Civil Rights Act, International Women's Year, Title IX, and commissions on the status of women.

The records in Part II of this collection contain the administrative records of the Program
Development Department head and staff. A large portion of Part II is devoted to subject
files, which illustrate the broad scope of the Department’s focus. Part II also contains
records pertaining to the Department’s efforts to prevent the decentralization of mental
health institutions and to protect the employees that worked in those facilities. Files on
other health care related issues are also included in Part II. A few files related to
Women’s Issues that were missed when processing Part I also appear.

1964-1977, bulk 1973-1975
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