Ken Barger Papers

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Ken Barger (1941-), who was raised in east Tennessee, became active in social change after his experiences serving in the Vietnam War. He was a professor of Anthropology for thirty years at Indiana University Indianapolis, focusing professionally on social change. Through these professional interests, he got involved with the farm labor movement and the immigrant rights movement. Barger has been an active member of the FLOC movement since 1979. He participated in many activities, such as building boycotts, farm labor education, immigrant rights, and public education about migrant worker justice. He was the vice president of the Farm Labor Research Project and the community organizer for FLOC. As of 2011, he serves on the board of directors for the Campaign for Migrant Worker Justice as secretary.

The Ken Barger Papers are predominantly FLOC materials. Included are packets from the FLOC Constitutional Conventions and collective bargaining agreements between workers and companies like Vlasic Foods, Heinz U.S.A. and Campbell Soup. Several campaigns are covered with an abundance of material relating to the Campbell Soup Campaign and Mt. Olive Campaign. There are also copies of FLOC publications and Nuestra Lucha.

1980-2009, bulk 1982-2009
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