UFW Public Relations: Jocelyn Sherman Records

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After college, Jocelyn Sherman started at the United Farm Workers (UFW) as a public relations representative and has been with the UFW for over 20 years. Sherman served as a documentary photographer for the UFW and as manager of the UFW’s public relations department before becoming the UFW’s Internet Communications Director.

Sherman’s records consist of the UFW public relations department’s files from 1988 to 2001 and reflect her work with UFW campaigns during that era, including grape boycotts, organizing campaigns, raising awareness of the consequences of pesticide use, and fund-raising. The records cover public relations department administrative matters and persons and subjects of interest to the department and the UFW. The records also contain newspaper clippings of articles referencing the UFW, its members, campaigns, and other activities, and people and subjects of interest to the department and to the UFW.

1979-2002, bulk 1988-2001
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