UFW Michigan Boycott Records

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The UFW Michigan Boycott collection contains materials specific to the state, and the activities of the UFW within the state. The largest boycott in Michigan was of California grapes, and this is reflected in the numerous store surveys which the UFW conducted in an attempt to ascertain the amount of non-UFW wine available. In addition, the collection contains a small amount of material about the lettuce boycott.

It must also be noted that here are a large quantity of materials which focus on agriculture and migrants, and their living and working conditions in the state. (In the 1970s Michigan had the third largest migrant population in the nation.) Additionally, staff activities (other than the boycott) such as fundraising are documented. There is a significant amount of correspondence to Michigan businesses about UFW concerns, and correspondence which shows support for UFW by a wide range of groups including Michigan colleges and universities, churches, and unions, notably the UAW.

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