Grape Strike, Calif., 1965-1970

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(196) Mass, Farm Workers, Dolores Huerta, California, 1966 Image
(228) Cesar Chavez, Grape Boycott, Tulare County, California, 1965 Image
(233) Contract Negotiations, Giumarra Contract, Delano, California, 1970 Image
(233) Signing of the Giumarra Contract, 1970 Image
(234) Fasts, Cesar Chavez, Robert Kennedy, Delano, California, 1968 Image
(256) Pickets, AWOC, Grape Strike, California, 1966 Image
(257) Pickets during the grape and lettuce strike Image
(303) Supporters of the Grape Boycott march through Toronto Image
(319) Sen. Robert Kennedy, Larry Itliong, Dolores Huerta, and Andy Imutan, Delano, California Image
(3171) Arrests, Delano City Council, "Delano 29", 1973 Image
(3199) Grape Strike demonstration, Coachella Valley Image
(3257) Cesar Chavez, Demonstration, San Francisco, California, 1970s. Image
(3258) Cesar Chavez, Demonstration, San Francisco, California, 1970s. Image
(3261) Demonstrations, Cesar Chavez, San Francisco, California, 1970s Image
(3391) Juanita Brown, rally, Social Workers Union Image
(3661) Demonstration, migrant workers Image
(3824) Children, Pickets, Grape Boycott, 1968 Image
(5866) Father Jack O'Malley is arrested during a UFW demonstration Image
(5870) Organizers for the Los Angeles Boycott, 1969 Image
(5871) Pickets near Earlimont, California, 1969 Image
(5872) Grape Boycott pickets Image
(7450) Portrait of Pete Velasco, 1969 Image
(7489) Sen. Edward Kennedy, Second Grape Boycott, pledge Image
(11530) UAW, UFW, Grape Boycott, Long Beach, California Image
(24871) NAACP, Boycotts, UFW, 1960s Image
(25546) AFSCME donates to Farm Workers Image
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