International Socialists Records

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The International Socialists existed from 1968 -1986 in the U.S. with national headquarters in Detroit, and branches in 14 other cities. It was preceded by the Independent Socialist Club, established in Berkley in 1964, which then formed an International Socialist Committee. The International Socialist Club appealed to radical student and Maoist groups. Kim Moody, contributor of several pivotal writings to the socialist cause, helped to establish a branch of the Independent Socialist Club in New York. The Independent Socialist Club became the International Socialists at the 1969 convention, where a formal political platform was established to address the working class movement. Internal disagreements developed around degrees of radicalization and basic philosophy throughout the 1970's. These disagreements led to the formation of other organizations such as the Revolutionary Tendency and Workers Power. In 1986, International Socialists merged with Workers Power and Socialist Unity to become known as Solidarity.

The records in this collection illustrate the evolution of the political principles and internal workings of the International Socialists, mainly through the 1970’s. It shows their struggle for the rights of the working class, to reap the recognition and rewards it felt it deserved for providing the sweat of industrial production, the basis of the nation's wealth.

1943-1985 (bulk 1970-1980)
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