United Automobile Workers

Charles R. Anderson Papers Abstracts
Louis B. Carrick Papers Abstracts
David Elsila Papers Abstracts
International Socialists Records Abstracts
Sanitary Chemists and Technicians Association Records Abstracts
State Workers Organizing Committee Records Abstracts
Thomas Bernick Papers Abstracts
UAW Borg-Warner Department Records Abstracts
WJBK-TV Collection: Walter Reuther’s FBI Files Abstracts
Collection Spotlight: African-American Labor Oral Histories Blog entry
Collection Spotlight: Leonard Woodcock Papers Blog entry
Guest Post: More than a Lawyer - Maurice Sugar Blog entry
Oral History Heroes: Millie Jeffrey Blog entry
Podcast: Jessica Levy on "Black Power, Inc.: Global American Business and the Post-Apartheid City" Blog entry
UAW CAP Department Records Part II Now Open Blog entry
(3058) Portrait, Owen Bieber, 1988 Image
(34343) McFarland Map of UAW Local 174 Connections Image
Podcast: "Taxing Limits: The Political Economy of American School Finance" Podcasts
Podcast: Julia Gunn on Civil Rights Anti-Unionism: Charlotte and the Remaking of Anti-Labor Politics in the Modern South Podcasts
This Union Cause: The Queer History of the United Automobile Workers Podcasts
[Podcast] Brewing a Boycott: Collective Activism and the Decades-Long Coors Beer Boycott Podcasts
[Podcast] Communists and Community in Wartime Detroit Podcasts
[Podcast] From Bargaining Table to Diplomatic Table: Leonard Woodcock in China (Part 1) Podcasts
[Podcast] From Bargaining Table to Diplomatic Table: Leonard Woodcock in China (Part 2) Podcasts
[Podcast] Midnight in Vehicle City: Modern Lessons From the Flint Sit-Down Strike Podcasts
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