Thomas McNett Papers

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Diaries, job descriptions, grievances, minutes, correspondence, and clip- pings collected by Mr. McNett, who served in many capacities for the International Association of Machinists in the aerospace industry. The offices held by Mr. McNett included recording secretary of Lodge 751 at Boeing (early 1930's) Grand Lodge representative to organize the southern California aircraft industry (1938), president of Lodge 727 at Lockheed (1944-46), business representative for Lodge 727 (1947-57). Grand Lodge representative (1 957-61 ), and president, Lodge 727 (1961-69). Organizing of the southern California aircraft industry, wage stabilization in World War 11, relations between the IAM and the UAW in the aerospace industry, and negotiations at Boeing and Lockheed are covered. Major correspondents are Roy Brown, A. J. Hayes, Roy Reuther, A. 0.Wharton.

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