Carolyn DesJardins Papers

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In June 1982 Carolyn DesJardins (formerly Carolyn Larry) began working as a security officer at Detroit Edison’s Fermi 2 nuclear power plant located in Newport, Michigan. DesJardins later moved into a staff position where she was responsible for safeguarding security information about the plant’s operation, construction, and equipment. The Nuclear Regulatory Commission enforces rules about the accessibility of the information that DesJardins was protecting. During DesJardin’s tenure, the Fermi 2 Director of Security sent information through the computer system outside of the plant, which was in opposition to the Commission’s rules. Desjardins informed the director of this error, and after continued infringements, DesJardins alerted the Nuclear Regulatory Commission, thus becoming a whistleblower. This resulted in her demotion to her previous position of security officer. In response, DesJardins sued to return to her former position. While she won her lawsuit, DesJardins never returned to her position. Instead DesJardins worked as a nuclear security investigator, conducting background checks and investigations.

The Carolyn DesJardins Papers document DesJardin’s whistleblower lawsuit and include correspondence, primarily from Detroit Edison and DesJardin’s lawyer, and materials related to the lawsuit, including a transcript of the trial.

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