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Carolyn DesJardins Papers Abstracts
Joseph Chrapkiewicz Papers Abstracts
National Policy Association Records Abstracts
Urban Environment Conference (UEC) Records Abstracts
Wayne State University Association of Faculty Women Records Abstracts
(29155) Food Service Employees Image
(29156) Food Service Employee Making Dough Image
(29157) Food Service Employees Working on the Line, Canada Image
(29158) Female Food Service Employees Image
(29159) Food Service Employees, Asparagus Canners Image
(29160) Food Service Employees, Tomato Canners Image
(29162) Food Service Employees, Flour Tortilla Spreaders Image
(29163) Food Service Employees, 1959 Image
(29169) Local 176, Guard, Yankee Stadium, New York, 1982 Image
(29170) Guard, Tom Carroll Image
(29171) Local 79, Racetrack Guard Employee, Detroit Race Course Image
(29172) Female Police Officers, New Orleans, Louisiana, 1956 Image
(29173) Guard, 1954 Image
(29174) Police Officers, Columbia, 1956 Image
(29175) Healthcare Employees, Dental Assistant Image
(29176) Dentist, 1955 Image
(29177) Healthcare Employees, undated Image
(29178) Hospital Employees, Laundry Image
(29179) Local 69, Elevator Operator, Harvey Lambert, 1958 Image
(29180) Local 102, Female Elevator Operators, El Cortez, 1956 Image
(29181) Local 14, Elevator Operator, San Francisco, California, 1949 Image
(29182) Local 82, Elevator Operator, Washington D.C., 1950 Image
(29183) Female Clerical Workers, circa 1920 Image
(29185) Local 69, Female Clerical Workers Accept Dues Payments Image
(29187) Female Office Worker, Los Angeles, California, circa 1959-1960 Image
(32559) Dignity, Rights, and Respect strike Image
(32560) Strike and civil disobedience Image
(32562) Strike and civil disobedience Image
Podcast: Speak to the Earth and it Shall Teach Thee: Catholic Nuns, the United Farm Workers Movement, and the Rise of an Environmental Ethic, 1962-1978 Podcasts
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[Podcast] Jane Street and the Rebel Maids of Denver Podcasts
[Podcast] Labor’s End: Automation’s Failed Promise of Freedom Podcasts
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