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The National Policy Association (NPA)was established in 1934 as the National Planning Association, a nonpartisan, nonprofit research institution founded by prominent business and labor leaders who believed that the private sector should actively participate in the formulation of public policy. The organization’s name was changed to National Policy Association in 1997. Organized with a broad-based structure of committees and an independent research program, the NPA brought together influential leaders from business, labor, agriculture and academia in four major policy committees: The Committee on New American Realities, Food and Agriculture Committee, Global Economic Council and North American Committee. Among the influential committees on international economic and foreign policy were the Canadian-American Committee, the British-American Committee and the Committee on the Changing International Realities. At one time, over 400 private-sector leaders belonged to one or more of the policy committees, which explored domestic and global concerns, developed recommendations and commissioned studies. NPA-sponsored research focused on major economic and social issues facing the U.S. and other nations and fundamental questions relating to strengthening U.S. global competitiveness. The NPA reached out to policymakers and the public through publications and events such as seminars and conferences. The NPA had its offices in Washington, D.C. It ceased operation in 2003.

The records detail the daily operations and interests of the NPA. They show the growing
range of policy issues that the organization dealt with during its seven decades and its
wide range of members, authors and contributors. The records include many NPA
publications and publications of its committees from the 1930s to 2003. There is
correspondence with White House and congressional leaders, CEOs and executives of
hundreds of corporations in the U.S., Canada and overseas, as well as many academics
and labor leaders. They include organizational documents such as memos,
correspondence, reports and meeting minutes of the Board of Trustees and Executive
Committee, as well as documents from many events sponsored by the NPA and its

1930s-2003, bulk 1970s-2003
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