Wayne State University Association of Faculty Women Records

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The Association of Faculty Women was composed of female employees of Wayne State University in instructional or administrative positions. Its stated purpose was "to encourage membership of qualified faculty women to appointive and elective positions and responsibilities in the University and in the community; to promote the educational and professional welfare of all women, both staff and students, on the University Campus; and to enrich the educational and professional interests of faculty women."

The Faculty Women's Club of Wayne University was founded in January of 1935 by female faculty members of Wayne University. The organization's constitution initially stated that its purpose was "to promote the interests of all women on the campus and especially to forward the social life and professional interests of the women of the faculty"; later this purpose was changed to read "...the social life and professional interests of the members of the organization." The group was briefly named the Wayne University Women's Club, from 1939 until 1940. In 1960 the Faculty Women's Club became the Association of Faculty Women. The name change was intended to avoid confusion with Wayne State University's Faculty Wives' Club, and to emphasize the professional rather than the social aspects of the organization. The Association of Faculty Women represented the female faculty and staff of Wayne State University until 1971, at which time the group was superseded by the President's Commission on the Status of Women.

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