Association of Urban Universities Secretary-Treasurer's Records

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The Association of Urban Universities was founded in 1914. The Association promoted the study of problems of particular interest to urban universities, including adult education, community service of an urban university, and university extension. Its principal activity was an annual Fall meeting. At these meetings, topics of particular concern to urban universities were discussed by the delegates and these discussions were published in the Proceedings following the meeting. The Association also published a Newsletter during the school year.

Wayne University President David D. Henry served as Secretary-Treasurer of the Association from 1947-1954. Mrs. Doris Lusk O'Brien, who served as Assistant Secretary-Treasurer from 1952-1962, was also in the President's Office. Doris O'Brien edited the Newsletter and Proceedings of the AUU until 1965. These periodicals were published at Wayne State University until 1966, when Arthur Evans of Bradley University became the organization's Assistant Secretary-Treasurer, and editorial responsibilities for the Newsletter and Proceedings passed to Jim Erickson, also of Bradley University.

These files reflect the functions and concerns of the Secretary-Treasurer and the Assistant Secretary-Treasurer, namely: local arrangements for annual meetings, financial matters, and inquiries about memberships, the Proceedings, and the Newsletter. The files of the Secretary-Treasurer and the Assistant Secretary-Treasurer of the Association of Urban Universities were placed in the University Archives by the Office of the President, Wayne State University.

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