Wayne State University Office of Information Services Office of the Director: Leontine Cadieux Records

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This collection contains press releases from various events and programs related to Wayne State University from 1966 to 1985. These releases were produced under the direction of Leontine Cadieux and primarily concern the Division of Urban Extension.

The Division of Urban Extension was established in 1964 and housed six different units. Of those, this collection focuses primarily on the College of Lifelong Learning and the University Center for Adult Education. The College of Lifelong Learning (CLL) was created in 1973 in order to encourage the pursuit of higher education for nontraditional students through extension programs and off-campus offerings. This collection contains a large number of press releases regarding these various offerings. This collection also contains numerous press releases about the University Center for Adult Education (UCAE) programs. Similarly, UCAE focused on nontraditional students and offered various programs and non-degree courses to assist these students. Additionally, press releases detailing programs put on by the Center for Application of Sciences and Technology (CAST) are also housed in this collection, as well as some publications such as their Water Quality Control Digest and Air Quality Control Digest.

This collection also contains some press releases for Detroit-centric events such as programs run by Detroit Adventure, the Detroit Discovery Arts Festival, and the Detroit Windsor International Freedom Festival.

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