Joseph J. Kowalski Papers

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As speaker of the Michigan House of Representatives, Mr. Kowalski was responsible for the introduction of many liberal reforms in the state. Formerly a lawyer and union organizer, he directed UAW educational programs before his election as a representative of the Nineteenth district, Wayne County, in 1948. Papers and correspondence of 1965 and 1966 are most comprehensive on caucus and committee meetings, minutes and proposals, court reorganization, Democratic Party affairs, civil rights, civil service, liquor control, insurance problems, prisons and jails, reapportionment, aid to parochial schools, and many other state problems. Correspondents include Richard Austin, John D. Dingell, Gerald R. Ford, Zoltan Ferency, Martha Griffiths, James Hare, Philip Hart, Clarence Hilberry, William R. Keast, James H. Lincoln, Walter Reuther, George Romney, August Scholle, Neil Staebler, Robert E. Waldron, and G. Mennen Williams.

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