Ronald W. Haughton Papers

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Clippings, briefs, transcripts, correspondence, notes, and other materials gathered by Mr. Haughton, who served with the U.S. Social Security Board (1941-42); the Detroit and National War Labor boards (1942-45); the U.S. Conciliation Service (1946-47); the Institute of Industrial Relations at the University of California at Berkeley (1947-50); as impartial arbitrator for the UAW and Ford Motor Company (1950-55); and, with Wayne State University, first as director of the Institute of Labor and Industrial Relations and later as vice-president for Urban Affairs. Mr. Haughton also served as co-arbitrator for the dispute involving the DiGiorgio Corporation, the National Farm Workers Association, the Agricultural Workers Organizing Committee, and the Teamsters Union. He was appointed president of the Board of Mediation for Community Disputes in New York City in 1970, and also mediated teachers' strikes in Detroit. Subjects discussed include campus disputes, collective bargaining for farm workers, and strikes by public employees. Among the correspondents are Edmund Brown, Cesar Chavez, Robert DeGiorgio, William Kirchner, and George Murphy.

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