AAUW Detroit Records Abstracts
AFL-CIO Metropolitan Detroit Records Abstracts
AFT Affiliate St. Louis Teachers Union Local 420 Records Abstracts
Dearborn Federation of Teachers Local 681 Records Abstracts
AFT Inventory Part II Records Abstracts
AFT Local 1700: Archdiocesan Teachers Federation (Chicago) Records Abstracts
AFT Local 250: Toledo Federation of Teachers Records Abstracts
AFT Local 28: St. Paul Federation of Teachers Records Abstracts
AFT Local 29: Panama Canal Zone Records Abstracts
AFT Local 3605: Western Wisconsin Technical Institute Records Abstracts
AFT Local 4168: Detroit Association of Educational Office Employees Records Abstracts
AFT Local 691: Kansas City Federation of Teachers Records Abstracts
AFT Local 698: East Detroit Federation of Teachers Records Abstracts
AFT Massachusetts Federation of Teachers Records Abstracts
Michigan Federation of Teachers Records Abstracts
AFT Office of the President Records Abstracts
AFT Rhode Island Federation of Teachers Records Abstracts
AFT Southern Regional Office Records Abstracts
AFT State Federations Records Abstracts
American Federation of Teachers: Northeast Regional Office Records Abstracts
American Association of University Women of Michigan Records Abstracts
James and Grace Lee Boggs Papers Abstracts
David Bonior Papers Abstracts
Louise (Sally) Langdon Brown Papers Abstracts
Arthur W. Calhoun Papers Abstracts
CIO Department of Education and Research Records Abstracts
Tom Downs Papers Abstracts
John Eklund Papers Abstracts
Arthur Elder Papers Abstracts
Ann Filardo Papers Abstracts
Mrs. S. S. (Clara) Goldwater Papers Abstracts
Henry Hamilton Papers Abstracts
Helen Bowers Papers Abstracts
Mary J. Herrick Papers Abstracts
Howard Hursey Papers Abstracts
Joseph Jablonower Papers Abstracts
Mildred Jeffrey Papers Abstracts
Raymond Koch and Charlotte Moskowitz Papers Abstracts
Lily Lampinen Papers Abstracts
Layle Lane Papers Abstracts
Arthur F. Lederle Papers Abstracts
Abraham Lefkowitz Papers Abstracts
Livonia Education Association Collection Abstracts
Gabriel R. Mason Papers Abstracts
Richard McGhee Papers Abstracts
Patrick Vincent McNamara Papers Abstracts
Norman McRae Papers Abstracts
Merrill-Palmer Institute Records Abstracts
Merrill-Palmer Institute: Armin Grams Records Abstracts
Merrill-Palmer Institute: Dr. Esther McGinnis Records Abstracts
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