AFT Local 691: Kansas City Federation of Teachers Records

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Boxes 183 and 184 are restricted and can only be accessed with permission from the AFT Archivist.
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The Kansas City Federation of Teachers, Local 691 of the American Federation of Teachers, represents classroom teachers, paraprofessionals, secretaries, bus drivers, security officers, and school nurses in Kansas City, Missouri.

Part I consists of correspondence, reports, minutes, clippings, and publications documenting negotiations, strikes and grievances. There is also information on integration, education reform issues and the rivalry between the AFT and the National Education Association.

Part II of the Kansas City Federation of Teachers Records contain a significant amount of material related to a desegregation case involving the Kansas City School District. The KCFT was involved in the case, which began in 1977. District court rulings resulted in segregation efforts in the district with busing programs, magnet schools, increased funding for facilities, programs, and salaries for teachers and other personnel. Eventually the case reached the Supreme Court in State of Missouri, et al. v. Kalima Jenkins, et al. in 1995. Other topics of note in the records are collective bargaining and organizing, a dispute between the KCFT and Blenheim elementary principal Gloria Jenkins, a collaboration between the KCFT and the district on a peer review and intervention program, and the KCFT newsletter, The Local’s View.

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