(12502) AFSCME Local 3280, Anna, IL, 1996 strike

Close up of AFSCME Local 3280 members walking off the job, hands linked and raised above them, in Anna, Illinois. At left is Local 3280 president Bonnie Brimm.

Local 3280 consisted of workers at the veterans' home in Anna, Illinois, a privately run state facility. Workers made minimum wage or close to it, had no health benefits and no paid time off. The workers went on a six week strike and were joined on the picket line by patients, families of patients, and other community members. The employer eventually settled, agreeing to an 80% wage increase, health benefits, and paid holidays. In 2003, the state took over operations of the facility.

(12502) AFSCME Local 3280, Anna, IL, 1996 strike
Dennis Corvin-Blackburn