(46696) Letter regarding Marvin Fleming, Washington, DC, 1968

Letter addressed to Mr. James Slaughter, Commissioners' Council on Human Relations, from Warren W. Morse, Business Agent, AFSCME Washington DC Local 1.

The letter reads:
“Several years ago Marvin Fleming, at that time a WBR-3 Trash Collector in the Division of Sanitation, became the instrument through which one of the most deliberate and pernicious systems of racial discrimination in the District government was smashed. Over the determined resistance of Mr. Roeder, Division Chief, and Mr. Redd, Chief of the Incineration and Trash Collection Branch, Mr. Fleming was able to receive on-the-job training as a Crane Operator without first serving an apprenticeship as a Weighmaster. He has since been the subject of repeated harassment.

"On August 16 Mr. Fleming was one of two employees rated as qualified for two positions as Overhead Crane Operator WBR-5712-10. On August 23 a 'personnel request' was submitted for him and the other qualified employee. Sometime between then and September 5, the approval date, Mr. Redd disapproved of Mr. Fleming's selection, and his name was x'ed off the personnel request.

"We charge that this represents retaliation for Mr. Fleming's role in breaking up the old discriminatory system and indicates that there has been more change in practice than in intent. We ask that you take immediate steps to have the Division directed to appoint Mr. Fleming to this position. We also ask that if there is a positive finding that the disapproval represents racial discrimination appropriate disciplinary action be initiated against those responsible."

(46696) Letter regarding Marvin Fleming, Washington, DC, 1968