(46775) HGEA/AFSCME Local 152 officers

New officers of Hawaii Government Employees Association (HGEA)/AFSCME Local 152 line up for a photo-op at the Sheraton Waikiki.

From left: George I. Tanaka of unit 3; Pauline T. Onouye of unit 3; Isamu Higa, Hawaii-at-large director; Joseph L. Viela, Jr., Maui-at-large; Henry I. Tokunaga of unit 4; Joseph W. Benson of unit 2; Mrs. Claire H. Motoda of unit 3; President Wallace S. Mitsunaga; Leilani Bush of unit 3; Alfred C. Akana, Oahu-at-large; Thomas M. Anamizu of unit 13; Annette H. Hee of unit 8; Carl T. Nakamura of unit 13; and George T. Niitani, Kauai-at-large.

Unit 2: blue-collar supervisors; unit 3: white-collar non-supervisors; unit 4: white-collar supervisors; unit 8: University of Hawaii non-faculty; unit 13: professional and scientific employees.

(46775) HGEA/AFSCME Local 152 officers