Wayne State University Office of the President Warren E. Bow Records

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Warren E. Bow (1891-1945) served as superintendent of the Detroit Public Schools and president of Wayne University from July, 1942 until his death on May 12, 1945.

After service on the Mexican border in 1916 and in France during World War I, Bow returned to Detroit in 1919 to become a grade principal at Nordstrum High School. Bow became assistant dean of the Detroit Teachers College, the predecessor of Wayne's College of Education, in 1922. He served as its Dean from 1926 to 1930. Bow was appointed assistant superintendent of schools in 1930 to lead the technical and vocational schools. He be came first assistant superintendent in charge of all secondary schools in 1939 and deputy superintendent in 1941. In July of 1942 Warren E. Bow was named superintendent of schools and president of Wayne University. After Bow's death, the roles of Superintendent and University President were redefined as separate offices.

This collection pertains only to his tenure as president of Wayne University.

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