AFT Inventory Part I Records

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95 linear feet (190 MB)

Contains Series I, III, IV, VI.

  1. Series I Presidents department, 1920-1964 4W-B-8(1-6), 4W-B-7(9)
  2. Series III Executive Council, 1916-1980 4W-B-7(6-9)
  3. Series IV Defunct Locals, 1916-1958 4W-B-7(3-6)
  4. Series VI Old correspondence with locals, 1914-1940s 4W-B-7(1-2) 4W-B-6(9)

Papers consist of correspondence, ballots, proceedings from meetings, clippings, local finances, per capita reports, charter applications. Subjects include integration, federal works programs, loyalty oaths, academic freedom, federal aid to education, communist issues.

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