Selden, David

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(11856) Rollie Hopgood and David Selden Image
(11860) Michigan Teacher Strikes, 1973 Image
(11866) Henry Linne and David Selden at MFT conference Image
(11867) David Selden, President of the American Federation of Teachers Image
(24891) David Selden, President, American Federation of Teachers Image
(24895) AFL-CIO Convention, 1972 Image
(29151) David Selden, Labor in Schools Convention Image
(31014) David Selden Image
(31268) David Selden Speaking at a Hawaii State Federation of Teachers Meeting Image
(31269) David Selden, Mary Ellen Riordan Image
(31270) AFT President David Selden Showing Support for Farah Workers Image
(31271) David Selden and Jack Golodner at a Meeting of Department of Professional Employees Image
(31272) David Selden, Baltimore QUEST Conference Image
(31273) David Selden Image
(31274) David Selden, Mary Ellen Riordan and Sid Harris Image
(31275) David Selden, 1973 Quest Conference Image
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