Maurice Kelman Papers

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18.50 linear feet, (17 SB, 1 MB, 1 OS)

Attorney Maurice Kelman taught at Wayne State University Law School and served as Special Counsel to Mayor Jerome Cavanagh.

Part 1 of Mr. Kelman’s papers, which reflect his career as an attorney and arbitrator, primarily relate his work as Special Counsel to Mayor Cavanagh. Part 2 of the Collection spans the years of 1943 to 2012, including materials from Kelman's early life attending Durfee Intermediate and Cass Technical High Schools, further education at the University of Michigan, Wayne State University, and Harvard Law School, up through his entire professional career. This Collection contains his numerous publications, work concerning Elected Officeholder Expense Funds, Ray Girardin interview transcripts, and features his passion for drawing and cartoons. Important subjects include: Kwame Kilpatrick, Coleman A. Young, Jerome P. Cavanagh, Ray Girardin, and Wade H. McCree Jr. Collection includes a 1971 interview recording and transcript with Ray Girardin who served as Detroit police commissioner for five years under Mayor Jerome Cavanagh. Prior to his police career he was a crime reporter. Girardin talks about his career as a crime reporter with and as Detroit police commissioner during the 1967 civil unrest, which he describes in detail over its unfolding, from his perspective as a law officer.

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