Merrill-Palmer Institute: Edna Noble White Records

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Edna Noble White, a pioneer in family life education, served as first director of the Merrill-Palmer Institute from her appointment in 1920 until her retirement in 1947. Under Edna Noble White’s leadership, the Institute expanded its services to include a student program of college level courses in child development, family life, parenting skills, and nursery education as well as the Merrill-Palmer Nursery School, Camps, Farm, Infant Services, and Recreational Clubs.
Ms. White was also very active professionally on a national level and engaged with Detroit youth services agencies.

The records of Edna Noble White contain personal and professional correspondence; minutes from various national, state, and local organizations as well as Merrill-Palmer committees; literature regarding child and parental education; research studies relating to child development, family relations, and immigrant acculturation; and correspondence and literature from a number of federal agencies concerned with child and family welfare.

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