SEIU District 925 Records

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19 linear feet (19 SB)

Part 1 subjects include: 9to5; Working Women; working women's movement; clerical worker organizing; sex discrimination in employment; office worker health and safety; pay equity; SEIU Local 925; Classified Staff Association; Karen Nussbaum.

See Part I for the history of District 925, as well as the bulk of the organization’s records during its origin and transitions (9to5 / Working Women / District 925 / Local 925), its national and regional office files, contracts, and Karen Nussbaum’s records. Part II consists of the records of Local 925 and District 925, including correspondence, meeting minutes (particularly Executive Board Meetings), and documents on District 925’s final transition and merger into SEIU locals. Additionally there are contracts and agreements not found in Part I, as well as publications. Finally, AV and library materials, predominately photographic materials, but also VHS tapes, a jacket, and two books, make up the final group of items.

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