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During the 5th National Convention of the National Association of Letter Carriers (NALC) in 1905, the wives, daughters, sisters and mothers of letter carriers also met, forming the National Ladies' Auxiliary. On September 5, 1905, seventy-two women attended the founding meeting, unanimously electing Nellie Heffelfinger of Los Angeles as the first president. The organization existed to provide a social network for Auxiliary members and their families, pursue charitable work, and affect legislation to improve the lives and working conditions of letter carriers. While early gag orders by Presidents Roosevelt and Taft, and later the Hatch Act restricted political activities by letter carriers, the members of the Ladies' Auxiliary were unrestricted in their legislative efforts and participated in letter-writing, fundraising, and campaigning. Around 1970, the term "Ladies" was dropped from the title and the organization became known as the "NALC Auxiliary" to reflect a membership that began to include both female and male spouses and family members. Today, the Auxiliary remains active in community affairs and continues to support charitable programs, organize social events, and promote the interests and image of letter carriers.

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