Farm Labor Organizing Committee (FLOC) Records

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Founded in Toledo, OH in 1967 by Baldemar Valasquez, the Farm Labor Organizing Committee (FLOC) represents migrant workers in the agricultural industry, and seeks to promote and protect the right of farm workers to actively participate in decisions that affect their conditions. FLOC centered their efforts not on growers, who the organization realized were relatively powerless, but on the large food processing companies who ran the agricultural business and ultimately controlled farm workers rights and benefits. FLOC used boycotts, marches, publication campaigns, and rallied community and church support to fight for migrant worker rights. The Campbell Soup boycott, which began in1978 and ended successfully in 1986, was FLOC’s most important campaign, but they also led successful efforts against Vlasic, Heinz, Aunt Jane, and Mt. Olive Pickle. FLOC expanded from its base in Ohio to the Midwest in the 1980s and eventually to the South in the late 1990s. FLOC also provided a support network for migrant workers, Latinos and immigrants through community and educational programs, legal clinics and Latino organizations.

FLOC records document its day-to-day organizational activities; correspondence;projects and community efforts; research; related organizations and unions; and resources for farm workers and Latinos. Also covered are individual boycotts and campaigns with the majority of material detailing the Campbell boycott.

1967-2005, bulk 1979-1989
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