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(185) Dolores Huerta, Oxnard, CA Image
(186) Dolores Huerta, Delano, California, 1974 Image
(187) Dolores Huerta, Mildred "Millie" Jeffrey Image
(188) Dolores Huerta, AFT Convention, Washington, DC, 1967 Image
(189) Dolores Huerta, Gallo Strike, California, 1973 Image
(190) Dolores Huerta, Farm Bureau National Convention, Los Angeles,1972 Image
(191) Cesar Chavez, Dolores Huerta, Violence, San Francisco, 1988 Image
(192) Dolores Huerta, La Paz, California, c. 1980 Image
(193) Portrait, Dolores Huerta, circa 1975 Image
(195) Dolores Huerta, Demonstrations, California, 1970s Image
(196) Mass, Farm Workers, Dolores Huerta, California, 1966 Image
(197) Dolores Huerta, Larry Itliong, c. 1970s Image
(201) Senator Robert Kennedy, Dolores Huerta, 1968 Image
(202) Dolores Huerta, Speaking, c. 1970s Image
(204) Dolores Huerta, Picket Line, c. 1970s Image
(205) Dolroes Huerta, Speaking, c. 1980s Image
(206) Dolores Huerta, Speaking, 1978 Image
(207) Dolores Huerta, Tom Hayden, 1977 Image
(210) Child Labor, Field Work, California, c. 1960s Image
(211) Ceasr Chavez, Family, c. 1970s Image
(212) Cesar Chavez, Family, California, 1969 Image
(214) Chavez Family, mid 1970s Image
(215) Cesar Chavez, Helen Chavez, Family, 1969 Image
(216) Cesar Chavez, Dogs, c. mid 1970s Image
(218) Fasts, Cesar Chavez, Phoenix, Arizona, 1972 Image
(219) Fasts, Cesar Chavez, Procession, Phoenix, Arizona, 1972 Image
(220) Cesar Chavez, Senator Edward (Ted) Kennedy, and Coretta Scott King Image
(223) Cesar Chavez, Speaking, Oslo, Norway, 1974 Image
(229) Cesar Chavez, Childhood, 1942 Image
(234) Fasts, Cesar Chavez, Robert Kennedy, Delano, California, 1968 Image
(239) Rabbi Guthman, Cesar Chavez, 1971 Image
(240) Demonstration, Coachella Strike, Coachella Valeey, California, c. 1970s Image
(242) El Teatro Campesino, 1969 Image
(243) El Teatro Campesino, 1966 Image
(244) Field Work, Short Handled Hoe Image
(246) Union Birth Benefit program, Cesar Chavez Image
(249) Marches, Delano to Sacramento, California, 1966 Image
(250) Marches, Delano to Sacramento, 1966 Image
(251) Marches, Delano to Sacramento, California, 1966 Image
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