(DN_36201_2) Ethnic Communities, Irish, Neighborhoods, Corktown, 1960

A view of businesses and residences at Sixth Street and Abbott in Detroit's Corktown Neighborhood. In the background the Book Cadillac Hotel, J.L. Hudson Department Store, and the Broderick Tower are all in view.

Part of a series of photographs taken to document the abandoned buildings around Trumbull, Porter, Abbott and nearby streets. According to a Detroit News article from April 26, 1960, the demolition was part of a larger slum clearance that moved 450 families out of the area and raised their historic neighborhood to make way for "light industry and trucking stations." According to the reporter, Russell Harris, the windows in the area were recently broken by neighborhood children having a bit of fun. The schools and churches, however, were spared from the vandalism.

(DN_36201_2) Ethnic Communities, Irish, Neighborhoods, Corktown, 1960
Detroit News Staff