(24866) NAACP, Women's Committee, Detroit, 1961

The Women’s Committee of the NAACP Detroit branch meet in the home of Mrs. Charles Diggs, Sr., to plan the 1961 “Fight for Freedom Dinner.”

Left to right, front row: Mrs. Elizabeth Hood; Mrs. Mary Gilmore; Mrs. Ilene Keats; Mrs. Anna Diggs; Mrs. Ora Belle Wallace; Dr. Natalia Tanner Cain

Left to right, back row: Mrs. Ida Austin; Mrs. Jenetta Whitby; Mrs. Mary Bell; Mrs. Mamie Diggs; Mrs. Essell Saulsberry; Mrs. Beulah T Whitby, chairman; Mrs. Irene McClendon, co-chairman

(24866) NAACP, Women's Committee, Detroit, 1961