(3025) Sports, Boat Races, Gold Cup, 1970

1970. Detroit, MI. Tony Spina photographs power boat racer Roy Duby during a trial run of the Gold Cup Power Boat Race on the Detroit River.

Photographer’s note: “During a trial run for the Gold Cup power boat race held in the Detroit River, I rode backwards standing in the pit at the bow of Miss U.S. while it raced at speeds of up to 147mph. I had arranged earlier with driver Roy Duby with signals to go faster or to stop. I kept giving signals to go faster, because I needed the spray (rooster tail) behind him…that was the purpose of the picture. After the run…George Simon, owner of Miss U.S., proclaimed me a distinguished member of the 100 Mile Per Hour Club –Backwards.”

(3025) Sports, Boat Races, Gold Cup, 1970
Tony Spina