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(29552) Massachusettes State Employee Association Elections (Alliance) Image
(29588) Local 400, Strike, San Franciso, California, 1974 Image
(29590) Local 111-A Sanitation Workers, Strike Image
(30197) Ophelia McFadden, Jim Hightower, Public Employee Convention and Lobby Day, 1991 Image
(30198) Ophelia McFadden Speaking, Public Employee Convention and Lobby Day, 1991 Image
(30439) SEIU Locals 250, 535, and 616, Alameda County Strike Image
(30440) SEIU Locals 535 and 390, Social Workers Protest for a Contract Image
(30443) SEIU Locals 535 and 250 Protest, Alameda County, California Image
(32012) AFSCME District Council 61, Shoe Auction, 1985 Image
(32013) Labor and Civil Rights Illustration, The Public Employee, 1968. Image
(32014) Grand Rapids, Michigan strikers and police Image
(32801) Meeting, AFSCME workers, District Council 61, Iowa Image
(32802) Two men talk in an AFSCME shop Image
(32803) AFSCME District Council 37 members attend class Image
(32825) AFSCME delegates use computers, 1996 Image
(23832) AFSCME Public Employee Ball, Kentucky, 1988 Image
(32833) AFSCME Public Employees Ball Image
(32834) AFSCME Public Employees Ball, Kentucky, 1988 Image
(32835) AFSCME Council 61 sign shop employees, 1998 Image
(32836) AFSCME Council 61 sign shop employees, 1998 Image
(46726) Detroit City Hall, Public Servants Week Image
(46727) Public Employees Week, West Virginia, 1962 Image
(46728) Public Employees Week, Detroit, AFSCME Council 77, 1962 Image
(Podcast) Reevaluating Comparable Worth: AFSCME's Pay Equity Campaigns of Yesteryear and Today Podcasts
Podcast: Julia Gunn on Civil Rights Anti-Unionism: Charlotte and the Remaking of Anti-Labor Politics in the Modern South Podcasts
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