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The Service Employees International Union has always sought to organize workers in a wide range of occupations. Beginning with janitors and elevator operators when it formed in 1921, SEIU soon added security guards, window cleaners, health care workers, office workers and public sector employees. By 1968, the union represented service workers in over 100 occupations around the nation.

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SEIU District 925 Legacy Project, Oral History Transcript: Sue Chase Interviewed by Ann FroinesDocuments
SEIU District 925 Legacy Project, Oral History Transcript: Tom Hayden Interviewed by Stacey HeathDocuments
SEIU District 925 Legacy Project, Oral History Transcript: Tom Hoffman Interviewed by Ann FroinesDocuments
SEIU District 925 Legacy Project, Oral History Transcript: Valarie Long Interviewed by Ann FroinesDocuments
SEIU District 925 Legacy Project, Oral History Transcript: Vicki Saporta Interviewed by Stacey HeathDocuments
SEIU: Local 535 Alameda Strike ScrapbookDocuments
(29278) George Hardy, International Staff Luncheon for George Hardy, Washington, D.C., 1980Image
(31805) SEIU Local 535 Delegates, 1980sImage
Ann Spears confronts hospital security guards, 1976Image
Bill Quesse, founding presidentImage
Cemetery worker, 1982Image
Executive Order 10988Image
Fairchild to Hare Correspondence, 1959Image
Local 1877 Security Officer, 2006Image
Local 250 member passing out leaflets, 1993Image
Local 250 organizes Chinese Hospital employeesImage
Local 285 Boston City employees, 1958Image
Local 3036 Member, 1990Image
Local 32B Headquarters, 1954Image
Local 46 Chicago city workers, 1929Image
Local 50 Member Linda KerrImage
Local 616 Alameda County Employees Association, 1973Image
Local 82 Janitor Cleaning BlindsImage
Local 82 Janitor TrainingImage
Local 82 MemberImage
Local 999 Receives Charter, 1973Image
Mayor Richard Daley's Annual Clean-Up CampaignImage
Milwaukee SEIU Member, 1950Image
People and Divisions of SEIUImage
SEIU Charter ApplicationImage
SEIU Headquarters, 1954Image
SEIU Publication Service Employee, April 1981Image
Workers at San Francisco General Hospital, 1930'sImage
(283) SEIU, District 925, Women's Conference, Washington, DCImage
(31889) SEIU Local 32B Executive Board, General Meeting, 1938 Image
(31524) SEIU Local 250 Strike, 1975Image
(7121) Local 32B Founders, New York City, 1957Image
(7123) Local 32B, Negotiations, New York City, 1969Image
(7126) Kyne, Charles "Pop" Hardy, San Francisco, 1948Image
(7159) Local 87, John Sweeney, Pickets, San Francisco Community College, 1980Image
(7187) Elinor Glenn, Local 347, California, 1956Image
(7262) John Buchanan, Yvonne Brathwaite, Ed Bratrud, politics, Los AngelesImage
(7264) Local 205 member Mary Sue DabbsImage
(7268) Local 347, officer installation, George Hardy, Los Angeles, 1960Image
(7270) Vladimir Bukovsky with others, Los Angeles, 1978Image
(7272) Local 347, Bill Greene, Robert F. Kennedy, Los Angeles, 1967Image
(7306) Arline Neal, Justice for Janitors, Demonstration, World Bank, 1989Image
(7308) Peter Ottley, 1957Image
(7321) Thomas Young, Local 32BJ, Convention, New York City, 1960Image
(7327) Executive officers, international convention, Chicago, 1996Image
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