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The Service Employees International Union has always sought to organize workers in a wide range of occupations. Beginning with janitors and elevator operators when it formed in 1921, SEIU soon added security guards, window cleaners, health care workers, office workers and public sector employees. By 1968, the union represented service workers in over 100 occupations around the nation.

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(7331) Andrew Stern, officer, portrait, 1997Image
(7348) Local 466M, strike, Saginaw, Michigan, circa 1970sImage
(7350) Vincent Foo, president, Local 500, Montgomery County, Maryland, 1978Image
(7362) Local 73, H. Kurshenbaum, Business Manager, Stewards Meeting, 1978Image
(7365) Local 495, negotiating committee, Worcester County Hospital, MassachusettsImage
(7371) Local 722, Washington Hospital Center, election, Washington, D.C., 1975Image
(7372) Local 722, charter, 1975Image
(7373) Marchel Smiley (left) and other unidentified panelists, Local 722, Washington, D.C.Image
(7374) Local 722, election, Washington, D.C., 1975Image
(7376) Local 722, Children's Hospital, George Hardy, Washington, D.C.Image
(7382) Local 1199NW, health care, Seattle, 1992Image
(7383) Local 1199NW, members, Seattle, health care, 1992Image
(7384) Local 1199NW, Swedish Hospital, demonstration, Seattle Image
(7386) Local 1199NW, Jesse Jackson, Group Health, rally, Seattle, 1994Image
(7389) Local 22, Off Track Betting, Sacramento, 1977Image
(7391) Local 73, African labor leaders, AFL-CIO African American Labor Center, Chicago 1971Image
(7393) Local 102, Christmas party, San Diego, 1946Image
(7396) Local 79, picket, Detroit, 1963Image
(11881) Eliseo Medina, Lavender Caucus, Convention, Pittsburgh, PA, 2000.Image
(11950) George Hardy, strike, Paramount General Hospital, California, 1975Image
George Hardy, Strike, Paramount General Hospital, California, 1974Image
(11955) George Hardy, Local 250, LegislationImage
(11956) Leon Davis, SEIU/1199 Healthcare Conference, 1981Image
(11957) George Hardy, Western Conference, CaliforniaImage
(11958) John Sweeney, Ted Kennedy, 1987Image
(11959) George Hardy, Peter Ottley, Local 144, 1976Image
(11960) Local 250, Chinese Hospital, San Francisco, CAImage
(11961) George Fairchild, Local 250, California, 1955Image
(11962) Local 250, Strike, Kaiser, 1988Image
(11963) Evelyn Walsh, Buddy Ball, Local 250, 1948Image
(11964) Mary Kay HenryImage
(11965) Local 250, Nurses, 1951Image
(11966) John Sweeney, SEIU/1199 Healthcare Conference, 1981Image
(29649) Anna Burger, DemonstrationImage
(29591) Local 245, Building Service Employees, DemonstrationImage
(29808) Member Political Organizers, Immigration Rights Rally, Washington, D.C., 2001Image
(29218) Eliseo Medina and other attendees, SEIU 21st International Convention, Chicago, Illinois, 1996Image
(29155) Food Service Employees Image
(29156) Food Service Employee Making DoughImage
(29157) Food Service Employees Working on the Line, CanadaImage
(29158) Female Food Service Employees Image
(29159) Food Service Employees, Asparagus CannersImage
(29160) Food Service Employees, Tomato CannersImage
(29161) Female Food Service Employees, Coffee CannersImage
(29162) Food Service Employees, Flour Tortilla SpreadersImage
(29163) Food Service Employees, 1959Image
(29164) Female Food Service Employees, 1961Image
(29165) Food Service Employees, 1970Image
(29166) Female Food Service Employees Tending to Patient, 1952Image
(29167) Local 79, Female Food Service Employees, 1956Image
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