Educational Legislation

Citizenship Education in American Schools Speeches
Illinois Federation of Teachers Convention Speeches
Action Program of the AFT Speeches
Address at Wake Forest University: “Revolution that is Overdue” Speeches
Address to the American Association of School Administrators Annual Convention Speeches
AFL-CIO Convention Speeches
AFT Conference on Building Alliances for Youth at Risk Speeches
AFT Convention 1980 State of the Union Speech Speeches
AFT Convention: “The State of our Union” Speeches
AFT Leads the Revolution in Education Speeches
AFT Local President's Conference Speeches
AFT Sixty-Third Convention Address Speeches
AFT State Federation Presidents Conference Speeches
Albert Shanker Speech at the Brookings Institute, May 1994 Speeches
Alternative Assessment Conference Speeches
American Education Research Association Annual Conference Speeches
American Federation of Teachers Convention Speech, 2000 Speeches
British Columbia Teacher Speeches
California Commission on Teacher Credentialing Speeches
California Legislature on the Commission on the Teaching Profession Speeches
Carnegie Forum Speeches
Changing the Culture of American Schools Speeches
City Club Forum, Cleveland City Club Speeches
College Board Western Regional Office Speeches
College Board, National Forum Speeches
Committee on Education and Labor Speeches
Committee on Education and Labor; Subcommittee on Select Education Speeches
Conference of the National Center for the Study of Collective Bargaining in Higher Education Speeches
Conference on Inflation, Health, Education, Income Security and Social Services Speeches
Connecticut Association of Boards of Education and Association of School Administrators Annual Convention Speeches
Consultation on Competitiveness Speeches
Day Care Alliance National Council of Organizations for Children and Youth Speeches
Denver Speech 1 Speeches
Education Commission of the States Speeches
Education Leadership: “On Restructuring Schools: A Conversation with Al Shanker” Speeches
Education Minnesota Convention Speeches
Educational Testing Service Conference Speeches
Finance Committee on Tax Simplification Legislation Speeches
God, the Constitution, and Schools Speeches
Hearing to Examine Crime and Violence in Schools Speeches
Herbert Lehman Lecture: A Revolution that is Overdue Speeches
House Committee on Education and Labor on H.R. 950 Speeches
House Committee on Ways and Means Speeches
House Education Committee Speeches
How to Improve the Schools…Ask the Kids Speeches
HR 4130 Teacher Training and Recruitment Speeches
If You Do Not Have 'Stakes' You Have a World Where Nothing Counts Speeches
International Foundation of Employee Benefits Plans Speeches
Keynote Address, Pittsburgh Convention Speeches
Labor issues Speeches
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