Educational Legislation

Labor/Higher Education Council Speeches
Lifting the Profession: Teachers and Schools for the New Millenium Speeches
Local President's Conference Speeches
Louisiana Federation of Teachers convention Speeches
Meeting and Question and Answer Speeches
Michigan Quest 2000 Speeches
NAGB's Proposed Definition of Mathmatics Achievement Levels Speeches
National Committee for the Handicapped Awards Banquet Speeches
National Council for Families and Television Speech Speeches
National Governor's Association Speeches
National Institute of Education Speeches
National School Board Association Speeches
National School Board Association Convention Speeches
NEISNET Speech Speeches
New York State Education Committee Speeches
Office of the United States Trade Representative Speeches
Only Connect Speeches
Organized Labor and the School Crisis Speeches
Organizing Media Speeches
Our Schools in the Light of Today's Challenges and Tensions Speeches
Pacific North West Regional Conference Speeches
Paraprofessional Related Personnel Conference Speeches
Pennsylvania House of Representatives Speeches
Policy Choices and Consequences Speeches
Proposed Rules on "Nondiscrimination Under Programs Receiving Federal Financial Assistance through the Education Department" Speeches
Public Education: The Squeeze is On Speeches
Quotas and Affirmative Action Speeches
Rally for Jobs Speeches
Reply to the Allan Stang Report Speeches
Restructuring American Education Speeches
Rutgers Labor Center Speeches
S. 1675 and Other Measures Relating to Federal Teacher Training Speeches
Scripts for "Education Watch" on Radio America Speeches
Senate Labor Committee Speeches
Setting Grade Level Acheivement Goals on NAEP Exams Speeches
Sharing Our Future; Teacher Preparation As Seen By Practicing Teachers Speeches
Stakes Speech at the Brookings Institute Speeches
State of the Union Address Speeches
Statement before House Subcommittee on Social Security Speeches
Statement before Subcommittee on Elementary, Secondary, and Vocational Education Speeches
Statement before the Senate Committee on Governmental Affairs Speeches
Statement before the Senate Judiciary Committee Speeches
Statement before the Senate Subcommittee on Education, United States Senate Speeches
Statement before the U.S. House of Representatives Subcommittee on Legislation and National Security Speeches
Statement on Reauthorization of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act and Related Issues Speeches
Statement regarding educational reform Speeches
Statement Senate Subcommittee on Labor-Hew Appropriations Speeches
Statement to Democratic Party Temporary Platform Committee Speeches
Statements before the American Educational Research Association Speeches
Status of the Unions Speeches
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