Cogen, Charles, 1903-

Michigan Federation of Teachers Records Abstracts
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Howard Hursey Papers Abstracts
Workers' Education Local 189 Records Abstracts
(10514) SPACE Convention Image
(11806) Charlie Cogen, AFT President Image
(12124) Charlie Cogen Demonstration Image
(12170) AFT President Charlie Cogen and President Lyndon B. Johnson Image
(12171) Charlie Cogen Image
(24773) Charles Cogen, United Federation of Teachers, Local 2, AFT Image
(24777) Charles Cogen, Richard Parrish, AFT Image
(27809) Charlie Cogen and Sandra Feldman Image
(29038) Charlie Cogen, Albert Shanker and Alice Marsh Image
(30820) AFT President Joins Picket Line at St. Johns University Image
Action Program of the AFT Speeches
AFT Leads the Revolution in Education Speeches
Building a Movement of Militant Professionals Speeches
Collective Bargaining - The New York Way Speeches
Collective Bargaining and the New Status of Education Speeches
Collective Bargaining for New York City Teachers Speeches
Collective Bargaining Negotiations in New York City, 1962-63 Speeches
Council of AFL-CIO Unions Professional, Scientific, and Cultural Employees Speeches
Denver Speech 1 Speeches
Empire State Federation of Teachers Speeches
Graduation Speech Speeches
Greetings from the AFT to the Annual Convention of IFFTU Speeches
Israel and Histadrut: A Great Social Laboratory Speeches
Labor Education, Local 189, and the AFT Speeches
New Areas of Collective Bargaining and the Public Interest Speeches
Normal Collective Bargaining Procedures vs. Special Procedures for Teachers Speeches
Organized Labor and the School Crisis Speeches
Our Schools in the Light of Today's Challenges and Tensions Speeches
Remarks of Charles Cogen Speeches
Spring Conference Speech Speeches
Teachers and AFT at the Crossroads Speeches
Teachers Rights and Responsibilities Speeches
The Cogen-Progressive Administration Speeches
The Collective Bargaining Story in New York City Speeches
The Impact on Teachers of Social Change Speeches
The Meaning of Collective Bargaining to Teachers Speeches
The New Action Program of the AFT Speeches
The Story of UFT Collective Bargaining Negotiations Speeches
The Union Teacher and Education Speeches
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