Labor unions

(30867) Sandra Feldman, Pizza Hut Demonstration Image
(30897) Hershey Nurse Vote Count, 1997 Image
(30999) Art Museum Guards Image
(31001) SEIU Local 535, Home Healthcare Worker, 2000 Image
(31008) Pizza Hut Demonstration Image
(31010) President Bill Clinton and Sandra Feldman Image
(31011) Young Sandra Feldman Image
(31012) Herb Magidson, Sandra Feldman and Thomas Hobart Image
(31014) David Selden Image
(31016) Martin Luther King, Jr. Rally, Children Holding Signs, 2001 Image
(31017) Martin Luther King, Jr. Rally, Labor and Civil Rights, Memphis, Tennessee, 1998 Image
(31018) Martin Luther King, Jr. Day March, Atlanta, Georgia, 1989 Image
(31019) Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, Coretta Scott King, Dexter Scott King, Atlanta, Georgia, 1989 Image
(31020) Martin Luther King, Jr. March, Washington, D.C., 1982 Image
(31021) Martin Luther King, Jr. March, Participants, Washington, D.C., 1982 Image
(31265) SEIU Home Health Worker, California, 1996 Image
(31266) SEIU Homecare Workers, Illinois, 1995 Image
(31267) SEIU Local 880 Home Care Worker, Illinois, 1995 Image
(31269) David Selden, Mary Ellen Riordan Image
(31270) AFT President David Selden Showing Support for Farah Workers Image
(31271) David Selden and Jack Golodner at a Meeting of Department of Professional Employees Image
(31272) David Selden, Baltimore QUEST Conference Image
(31274) David Selden, Mary Ellen Riordan and Sid Harris Image
(31275) David Selden, 1973 Quest Conference Image
(31276) Long Island University Faculty Federation Strike Image
(31277) John Elliot Image
(31278) John Elliot and Mayor Dennis Archer Image
(31280) Mary Ellen Riordan and John Elliot Image
(31287) President Jimmy Carter and Edward McElroy Image
(31288) Senator Al Gore and Edward McElroy Image
(31289) Lech Welesa and Edward McElroy Image
(31290) Walter Mondale, Albert Shanker and Edward McElroy Image
(31291) President Jimmy Carter Shakes Hands with Edward McElroy Image
(31292) Edward McElroy Image
(31293) Edward McElroy, Walter Mondale and Sandra Feldman Image
(31294) University of Pittsburg, AFT Local 3414, Unemployment Rally Image
(31299) SEIU Civil Rights Committee,1961 Image
(31306) IEB Member and Local 144 President John Kelley Jr., 19th SEIU International Convention, Toronto, Ontario, Canada Image
(31307) IEB Member Walter Backstrom, 1984 SEIU International Convention, Dearborn, Michigan Image
(31308) IEB Member Gloria Marigny, SEIU International Convention, 1980 Image
(31309) Ophelia McFadden, Conference, 1980s Image
(31351) Harold Ash, Jim Mundy and Rollie Hopgood Image
(31352) 1975 United Federation of Teachers Strike Image
(31353) Father Peter O'Reilly, St. John Strike Image
(31354) New Jersey Statewide College Strike Image
(31355) San Francisco Paraprofessionals Strike Image
(31356) John Dewey and the Teachers Union Auxiliary Image
(31810) SEIU Local 535 Stewards, County Training Image
(32547) Organizing blitz Image
(32548) Organizing blitz Image
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